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This is a place to track fields with are in broad use or have the potential to be broadly used, and are applicable to a broad range of taxa (ie. no ‘number of koalas’ field). Please add fields that you find useful or any relevant comments or description. Blank ones i don’t know which version of many duplicates is most often used so feel free to add one. If we find that there are duplicates, we can work to merge them if we have tools to do so.

All Taxa

Count/Number - I believe this one 23 is used the most.

Alive/Dead - Is now an annotation so best to use that instead. Previously: I think this one 7 is the main one?

Interaction - There is a series of fields 30 used to document interactions between organisms. The standardized ones are shared with GloBI 9 though it would be good to verify if that collaboration is still active. For species observed in association without a specific interaction noted, there is this field 10 and other options for multiples though i am not sure which are linked to GloBI

Taxonomy - the Holding Bin 10 fields can be used for taxonomic units that don’t fit iNat’s criteria for being added as taxon, for instance two plant species that don’t form a monophylletic group but can’t be distinguished much of the year.

Natural Community/vegetation community/habitat type - used for habitat characterization, but there isn’t a consistent taxonomy here. @charlie uses this one 4 in Vermont, USA with this reference 2 and in California 1 we mostly used Sawyer-Keeler-Wolf 2 for more specific types and Holland for more broad. In the US there is also this 1. There’s also this field 2 that is even less formalized. I don’t think there’s a global standard. If this topic generates lots of interest we can make a spin-off wiki

Microhabitat - Physical substrate 6, Microhabitat description 1

Spore color - Spore color 1, Spore print 1, Spore print color, Fungi spore print. The more generic ones should be preferred because they could also be used for organisms besides fungi.

Illustration - Illustration 1 can be used to mark observations supported by drawings/sketches/illustrations.

similar-observation-set or Same-specimen-over-time to link different observations of the same organism on different times.

Type of Evidence - I believe Animal Sign and Song 10 is the most broadly used but there may be others? There is also one called Sign 4 which gets almost as much use, which are prime candidates for merging.

Cause of death - Field 2 for marking roadkill, window kill, natural, etc. Not sure how specific would be best if this was could be improved (“natural” could get into predator vs starvation, type of predator, etc. etc.)

Gametophyte/Sporophyte - Rarely used, but is just as useful as flowering phenology. Sporophytes present? 3 is bryophyte-centric, but a new field could be created that could be used for all plants, ex: A seed plant identified from just pollen could be marked as a gametophyte.

Leaf Phenology - field 1 for deciduous trees and shrubs - is the plant leafing out, fully leafed out, showing fall foliage color (or dry season foliage cover), or bare?


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