Twelve Syrphs of Christmas! Debrief

Hello everyone,

With twelfth night come and gone, here's the wrap-up.

As you can see we've reduced the size of the 2023 pile by a little more than half (if you include the observations above genus it's just under a half, but we reduced them by a third in preparation). That's a very nice outcome. What I can't quantify is what anyone may have learned - I certainly learned plenty, and I hope some of you did too if you were involved :)

The categories that fell by more than a third were 'Xanthogramma and Doros' (-91%), Syrphus (-83%) and 'Xylotini, Myolepta' (-71%). Nice to see big proportional falls in big genera like Xylota and Syrphus, but also Eupeodes (-62%) and Eristalis (-58%).

The categories that fell by less than a third were Cheilosia (-30%), Melanostomini (-24%), Bacchini (-15%), Sphaerophoria (-13%) and 'Other Brachyopini' (-2% I guess no-one did them!). Some of these are still worth shouting about: I worked on Cheilosia and it was hard going, so a 30% fall is great, Sphaerophoria had already been reduced massively before this event (clearing up the remainder would be an easy job for someone ;) ), I think we may have been running out of steam a little/going back to work and stuff before Bacchini and Melanostomini came up, so there's a fair bit left to do on them, but still not bad at all!

My personal highlights were this Cheilosia albipila. and this Platycheirus occultus.

Hope you've had a great Christmas and New Year!

Posted on 06 January, 2024 05:28 by matthewvosper matthewvosper


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