Swamp Things BioBlitz Spotlight Species #5

Spotlight Species #5:
Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans)

What to Look For:
This time of year, trumpet vine will not be as showy. The vine produces a long woody vine with arching vines up to 6 feet long with leaves that are heavily serrated along the edge. But during the summer months, it produces bright orange to reddish orange flowers that are trumpet-shaped. The flowers have no floral scent. After blooming, a long seed pod appears.

Where to Find It:
Trumpet vine can be found in woodlands and riverbanks throughout the Waccamaw River watershed. Trumpet vine typically grows on trees or other structures, but it is not a parasitic vine.

Why It Is a Spotlight Species:
Trumpet vine grows vigorously and when planted in gardens, it can quickly take over. Often referred to as invasive, trumpet vine can not actually be considered invasive in South Carolina because it is native. In its natural habitat, it can be aggressive but not invasive.

During the summer months, the plant adds a pop of color to our swamps.

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