South Carolina State Parks (Ultimate Outsiders Edition)'s Journal

01 June, 2023


In 2012, the State Parks initiated the "Geocache Challenge" - much like the Ultimate Outsiders, you were supposed to find the official regional cache in each of the 47 state parks. Using clues from those, you needed to find four mystery caches and then the Finale (52 total). While the "Challenge" isn't 100% supported anymore, most parks still have the official one active and those that don't, have other Geocaches to find.

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26 May, 2023

Preliminary Black River State Park / River Trail

I don't have any details, but I've gathered together those places that look likely to be part of or associated with the new Black River State Park.

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Message from South Carolina State Parks

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19 March, 2023

27 February, 2023

20 February, 2023

Created Ultimate Outsiders Scavenger Hunt 2023

Created Ultimate Outsiders Scavenger Hunt 2023 project as a test to document my observations while on the hunt.

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02 February, 2023

South Carolina State House project created

Not a State Park, but figures prominently in many Ultimate Outsiders missions.

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26 January, 2023

06 August, 2022

iNaturalist tutorial on YouTube
Not primarily a how to video, but more about data interpretation. Includes some details on my philosophy when creating projects/places. You'll want to set aside 1.5 hours to watch the whole thing.

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15 December, 2021