02 December, 2023

20 November, 2023

"Seed Hub" Observation Field

I'm thinking of adding a "Seed Hub" observation field. The new field would allow seed donors to select from a list of trusted regional nature organizations (like a nature center or church). This might allow seed donors to drop off seeds at the "Seed Hub" to be picked up by propagators while maintaining the anonymity of both.

I believe that one of the things holding this concept back is that there has never been (until iNat) a way for small scale seed donors to find small scale propagators while making the exchange anonymously.

The problem is, we don't have a "trusted regional organization" offering to be a "Seed Hub". I'll think about it and figure something out.

I'm debating on whether or not to make this a closed society and invite people in or leave it open. Egalitarianism is one of my guiding principles so it'll be open while I think. To those of you who have offered me more trust than you've been completely comfortable offering me... thank you so very much.

~ Jason

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13 November, 2023

Watershed Observation Field

I added a "Watershed" observation field just to experiment with. The new field would allow someone to search for seed offerings from within a particular watershed. The easiest way to find a seed offering within your watershed is to navigate to the page for this new observation field and select the watershed you're interested in...


If the watershed you are interested in has no offerings, the nearest watershed could be selected instead (e.g. if there are no offerings from within the Mill Creek watershed, an offering could be chosen from within the Five Mile Creek watershed... which is at least nearby and also part of the same Ohio River basin.)

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