Santa Cruz River Wildlife's Journal

03 October, 2022

Bullfrogs in El Paseo de los Arboles

Have discovered several American Bullfrogs are now inhabiting the river section from Irvington Road to Ajo Way whilst relocating a Colorado River Toad in the area. Went back yesterday to get photographic evidence which can be viewed below:

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07 November, 2020

The Santa Cruz River area map

As I was about to input a new KML for a place to be implemented to the project, I saw that iNaturalist is having major issues with the abundance of places made. While I do believe that the place would be manageable under 1,000 observations, I don't want to risk it and have decided to stop creating new sectional places for the river. Instead, I'll be crossing multiple places already made by me and others before the issue and warning. This may limit what areas we can observe.

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