21 April, 2018

UPDATE: A New Sister Project has Launched

I'm excited to announce the launch of a new sister project, Megafauna of Oceania.

"The project's goal is to document and share wild megafauna indigenous to Oceania, a "continent" associated with many landmasses of the southern Indo-Pacific, perhaps most notably Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Polynesia, and Hawaii. Other than that, this project can be utilized in any way desired."

If you have any observations from these locations, or just want to check what the project list, I strongly encourage you to join the project and share these observations.

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05 April, 2018

SMALL UPDATE: Observation Field

The observation field World Habitats has been replaced with Marine Biome to better serve the this project. The description reads as follows:

"The biome the organism was observed in. "Biome" is a broad ecological term that encompasses several different habitats. If the organism was not observed in the ocean or on a coast, leave this entry blank."

The available fields are:
• Seashore (Littoral Zone / Intertidal Zone)
• Estuary / River Delta
• Kelp Forest
• Coral Reef / Barrier Reef
• Bank / Shelf (Neritic Zone)
• Open Ocean (Pelagic Zone / Oceanic Zone)
• Ocean Floor (Demersal Zone / Benthic Zone)

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on how to better this project, please feel free to comment.

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