August Challenge results

I must sadly say that there were NO observations of the Desert Blond tarantula for this months challenge in the parks. So does no data have meaning? Yes, yes it does, this indicates that either the Desert Blond Tarantulas are not active when most people are in the parks OR that there numbers are very low and there are few encounters of them.

So i checked to see if there have been past observations in I-nat for the Desert Blond tarantula in Maricopa County. The ones that were observed as part of this challenge are mostly in Tonto NF or in other areas. Let that be one of each of your life challenges. Find and document in the parks:-)

I did not know how fortunate i was to come across 2 of these magnificent Desert Blond tarantulas during a Ranger led hike at White Tank Regional Park about 2 years ago (and i will add my old photo to I-nat) . It was during their Ford Canyon hike they host every winter (December). If you are interested in participating in that hike this year check in the next two months on the Maricopa County Parks events calendar Maybe you can get as lucky and the ranger may find a Desert Blond tarantula.

Keep up the great work team! There are plenty of butterflies and caterpillars out there make observations of! Stay Tuned for September's Challenge

Thanks again for all your observations.
You are all contributing to science and helping make a real difference.
Natural Resource Specialist at Maricopa County Parks

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