April Eco Blitz Challenge

Did you see on Maricopa County Parks social media pages the May Challenge? If not click link below

“On your last hike did you see that super-fast running lizard? Did you wonder which species it was? This month the two more common lizards are featured. Join us to learn more for the Maricopa County Parks Eco-BLITZ. We will be learning all about these two lizards… feel free ask the park rangers all about them!

Two of our most common desert lizards:

Side-blotched- this small lizard (body length ½ to 2.5”) is distinguished by a bluish-black blotch on each side of the chest, directly behind the front legs. This is one of the most common lizards in arid regions of the western U.S. and can be found in various habitat types. Diet: Insects, spiders, and scorpions

Desert Spiny - are large stocky lizards (Body length 3.25”-6”) with large pointed, keeled, overlapping scales (prehistoric looking), commonly found on the ground and will take shelter under rocks. Males have 2 large, bright, blue-green patch on throat. Their heads are often tinted with yellow/orange. Diet: Insects, spiders, centipedes, lizards, and occasional plant material.

We have been seeing many of both of these species recently, in fact we spotted two Desert Spiny Lizards yesterday during our seed harvesting event!

Lets see how many you can photograph...ready set go!

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