April Eco-Blitz Challenge Master Blister Beetle

April Challenge- Master Blister Beetle: These colorful beetles can grow up to a couple of inches long, with a nice mix of deep black and bright red/ orange. They are often found in in the springtime when the brittlebush, a very common desert shrub, is flowering; they feed on the petals and pollen as adults but live an entirely different life as immature larvae. Blister beetles are great to watch, but do not touch, the yellow oozing blood is used to keep predators away and can cause blisters on the skin.
Lets see how many you can find!!
link to flyer https://www.facebook.com/maricopacountyparks/photos/a.595847437229714/1915810698566708/?type=3
Happy Hiking Eco-blitzers!

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