February Challenge: Phainopela and Mistletoe

The Phainopeplas have a symbiotic relationship with Mistletoe. Phainopepla
get fruit from mistletoes and once they feed on the berries, the berries pass
through the bird's digestive tract and stick to the trees branches. This allows
for the distribution of the seeds. In February, the Mistletoe provides shelter and berries for birds. You will often find Phainopepla near or on Mistletoe’s during this time of year. Adult male Phainopepla's are glossy black with red eyes and large white
patches on the wings which are visible in flight.

While you are out hiking and exploring the Maricopa County Parks... keep your eye out for the Phainopepla's and you may notice they are often found in trees that have mistletoe's growing in them. Lets document all the species at the parks, but this month be on the look out for our challenge species! Use INaturalist to document them!

Get ready, set and Go!!

Check out any of Maricopa County Parks facebook/twitter accounts to see the challenge flyer with the pictures of both these species. To learn more about the plants visit SEINet and Southwest desert flora webpage.
And visit Cornell (all about birds webpage)

Have fun, be safe!
To view the pamphlet https://www.facebook.com/maricopacountyparks/photos/a.595847437229714/1870979166383195/?type=3

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