Invasive species on stenis's Journal

August 02, 2021

Observation made on 8/22 by Veronica

  • I used iNat to record invasives. We observed
    Chinaberry (abundant in the first part of the trail)
    Tree privet (present throughout the first half of the trail before it loops back to the trailhead. Most of the individuals we spotted had signs of girdling but they looked healthy).
    Quihoui privet
    Heavenly bamboo
    Chinese pistache,
    Johnsongrass (mostly at the banks of the creek)
    Lantana (one individual, not sure if it is considered invasive)

  • Jim used an app to record the coordinates of the invasive species and create a map.
  • There may be an opportunity for tree seedling planting after invasives are removed.
  • The trail has mostly a closed canopy except for the meadow area. In the areas where we had access to the creek, we observed an open canopy.
  • We did not observe erosion problems next to the creek or lack of vegetation, but I do not have an expert eye for it. Input for city Biologist may be needed.
  • In the meadow, I did not see any wildflowers flowering at this time. I did see wildflowers already in the seed stage and grasses. There may be an opportunity for native seeding (species that flower later in the summer such as native members of the Asteraceae family).
  • We checked some of the quadrats with milkweed but did not see milkweed growing. Planted too late in the season? Not enough watering?
  • The signage along the trail will need to be replaced. Pictures and text have faded.

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Notes from 1 August 2021 walkthrough

30.38505, -97.77050 Chinaberry
30.38511, -97.77051 Chinaberry
30.38521, -97.77050 Chinaberries toward creek
30.38544, -97.77038 Big ligustrum
30.38575, -97.77046 Johnson grass
30.38580, -97.77031 Johnson grass at creek bank
30.38718, -97.77094 Asiatic dayflower
30.38756, -97.77097 Ligustrum toward creek
30.38803, -97.77117 Ligustrum toward SS Rd.
30.38830, -97.77122 Ligustrum grove toward creek
30.38835, -97.77123 Chinese privet
30.38850, -97.77129 Chinese pistache on informal trail
30.38861, -97.77135 tall Chinese pistache
30.38850, -97.77144 Chinaberry toward creek
30.38923, -97.77224 Big Chinese privet
30.38957, -97.77248 Ligustrum regrowth after girdling
30.38973, -97.77229 Ligustrum regrowth after girdling
30.39057, -97.77319 Nandina
30.39056, -97.77317 Nandina
30.38878, -97.77335 Johnson grass?
30.383311, -97.77124 Johnson grass in paking area

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