Daily Challenges!

Here are the challenges -- do you think you can get them all?!?

Sunday, 6 Sep
Spider with prey (one observation for spider, one observation for prey)
- You need to spend some time with a spider today!
*sub challenge: how many different species of spiders can you document today?

Monday, 7 Sep
Invasive plant with observation next to pulled-up plant!
- yank up an invasive plant for today’s observation – roots required!
*sub challenge: who can observe the biggest mound of pulled up invasive plants?!?

Tuesday, 8 Sep
A female plant (plant with only female flowers/fruits)
- some plants are dioecious – there are males and females – try to find a female
*sub challenge: can you document a monoecous plant with flowers that are “imperfect?”

Wednesday, 9 Sep
An observation made at sunrise
- wake up with the sun!
*sub challenge: observe a moth (or several!) at sunrise.

Thursday, 10 Sep
Frog or toad
- may have to get close to some water to find this one
*sub challenge: observe a tadpole too.

Friday, 11 Sep
Pollinators (one native to Texas, one not native to Texas)
- one observation of a native pollinator and one observation of a non-native pollinator – bonus points to get them in the act of pollinating.
*sub challenge: document some pollinators that have the color green.

Saturday, 12 Sep
Bird nest
- hope you kept an eye out all week for this one! Try to observe it today.
*sub challenge: try to identify some of the plants used to make the bird nest.

Posted on 04 September, 2020 18:37 by sambiology sambiology


Ooh; sub challenges, too. Fun!

Posted by kathrynwells333 over 2 years ago (Flag)

Very interesting, indeed!

Posted by jsuplick over 2 years ago (Flag)

Your sub challenges are wicked!

Posted by lulubelle over 2 years ago (Flag)

Does the sound of a frog calling count, @sambiology ?!

Posted by lulubelle over 2 years ago (Flag)

These challenges are fantastic!

Posted by carol308 over 2 years ago (Flag)

Observations at sunrise or Sam “respect points”... that’s a tough one. Lol!

Posted by observerjosh over 2 years ago (Flag)

I would rather go out at night - is the time any time after midnight until the sun comes up???
I don't know if Larry Duncan has posted anything to you yet. He was out last night crawling in the bushes with a pen light in his mouth trying to take a photo of a Skink when police lights zoomed in on him! He explained about the Bioblitz, the police officer asked if there were more Master Naturalist in the area, Larry said yes and he walked away - loooong night - wait til Sunrise Wednesday Morning!!!

Posted by hawkilitle over 2 years ago (Flag)

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