Cooperative weather?!? Come on, clouds! :)

Hey all,

So, I've been watching the weather forecasts for the past few weeks -- looks like we may get a few showers during the city nature challenge! Hey, it's all good, but I do hope everyone can find some time to get out and engage with nature this weekend.

Observation period is from Friday through Monday (12:00 AM on Friday to 11:59 PM on Monday), and observations should be uploaded before Sunday... The quicker you can upload, the better!

As you upload stuff, try your best to get it identified to the best of your ability -- species count is something we're also hoping to get!

One of the greatest challenges is the identification during the city nature challenge. Once the challenge starts, I'll post the identify link. Here's the general one for ID'ing observations in the DFW metroplex:

Most of all, I hope you can find some time to really engage with nature. Celebrate all of the biodiversity that exists with us here in the urban ecosystem! We're lucky to share the planet with lots of really amazing organisms -- the city nature challenge is a great way to focus on this. :)

Posted on 27 April, 2023 22:46 by sambiology sambiology


If I’m stuck inside during heavy rain, you can be sure I’ll be identifying… and I’m welcoming others to join me!

Posted by observerjosh 7 months ago

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