Great Southern Bioblitz observation stage is over, please help with identification (beginners welcome)

Now the data collection phase for GSB22 is over and most observations have been loaded (any outstanding ones please load asap), now it is time to start with the identifications.

The immediate task is to get the vaguely identified observations to levels where specialists can get to see them.

  • If you are a total beginner then putting observations to ants, bees, butterflies, daisies, peas and grasses will be very useful.
  • If you are more experienced, then skip the observations that you do not know and move the unknowns to family, genus and species.
    The most efficient way of doing this is to use the identification tool. How it works:

Task One: BASIC
These need basic identification (all regions).
Help with basic identifications

These need identification to family level or lower.
Help with basic Animals identifications
Help with basic Plant identifications
Help with basic Fungi identifications

These two tasks are the most urgent, and need to be cleared soon so that the specialists can get started.

ID needed below family level
Help with identifying Birds to species level
Help with identifying Mammals to species level
Help with identifying Herps to species level
Help with identifying Fish to species level
Help with identifying Fungi & Lichens to species level

This is a summary of a full post from Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 Umbrella's Journal.
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