We need more Gang-gang Cockatoo sightings!

Feel the thrill of sighting one of these beautiful species.
Budawang Coast requires more Gang-gang Cockatoo sightings!
This year we sent out an alert to be aware of Gang-gang cockatoos starting to breed in August and September in the coastal areas of the Shoalhaven and further south in Moruya. To date there has been increased sightings around the Moruya area and one potential breeding sighting in the Berry area. We are encouraging citizen scientists to continue observing into October and possibly later, to ensure we are covering the possibility of an extended breeding period. Any sighting of Gang-gang cockatoos is important and by recording your observation using iNaturalist you will be contributing to important research to understand why this species is now endangered and the steps needed to reverse this trend. Below are links to the relevant Gang-gang Cockatoo projects on iNaturalist where you can add your observations and find out more about the tell-tale signs of the nesting behaviour and much more for this special species.
And here's the link to our local iNaturalist project to join and also record any Gang-Gang Cockatoo sightings:

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