Are you interested to join ongoing research into Gang-Gangs or Black Glossies?

Following on from presentations on Gang-Gangs and Black Glossies, both Budawang Coast and Coastal Wilderness Atlas of Life projects are keen to encourage those interested to join in with ongoing research into these endangered birds and their lives. For that purpose we, and Dr Michael Mulvaney and Stacey Taylor are inviting those who would like to be involved in this long-term research project, to join us at Zoom meetings next week with a view to establishing groups of interest to take this work forward in our regions.

Meetings will be:
Budawang Coast area (Moruya north to Kiama and inland to the escarpment)
Monday August 23rd 3 - 4pm
Please register here for Budawang

Coastal Wilderness area (Nadgee to Moruya and inland to the escarpment)
Tuesday August 24th 3 - 4pm
Register here for Coastal Wilderness

Background to the project:
We are looking for people who want to find out more about Gang-gangs on the south coast, particularly what they are eating, where they are nesting, the rate of nesting success and how that success is influenced by factors thought to be impacting negatively on the Gang-gang such as brush-tail possum predation, hollow competition from Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and other species, overheating in hollows and flooding of hollows. This information will help inform the conservation of this bird and lead to the implementation of action as to how its dramatic decline (around 70% in less than 30 years) may be turned around.

We will be finding out information about Gang-gangs that is currently unknown and co-ordinating our research with work undertaken elsewhere across the Cockatoos range, so that results in our area can be compared with that of other places and habitat such as burnt/unburnt urban/remote can be compared using data from several different locations. There are different levels of involvement required.

Please indicate if you are most interested in Gang-gang cockatoos or Black Glossies - or both.

If you missed the presentation, you can watch the recorded version on the Festival webpage

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If you are interested in taking part in this citizen science research project, please complete Expression of Interest

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