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Here we are nearing the end of January in a brand new year, and it's promising to be an exciting one for Budawang Coast Atlas of Life. Budawang Coast NatureMapr contributors are steadily transferring their accounts to iNaturalist. We now have about 23,000 observations, 3,175 species and 811 observers. However, only 38 of those observers have joined the project so this is an area of focus for the Budawang Coast Committee. Project members have access to information and events and a shared connection to the Budawang Coast citizen science community.

While it always takes time to learn a new system, the feedback about iNat has been mostly positive. Here's an example from Andrejs, one of our major contributors.

"I am really enjoying iNaturalist. The phone app is fantastic. I take a photo anywhere and simply add the shots without any trouble, and first the app offers up suggestions, otherwise pretty soon someone in the world has offered an identification! That is notified by email. The fact that the app is not restricted to the Budawang area is also a huge attraction for me, though anything in the area automatically goes to the Budawang Project. Everyday I am uploading some insect, spider - learning a lot about cicadas, for example!
I am now adding photos from all around Australia that I have previously taken as well. For the old photos without GPS, just typing in the location zooms straight to the area without trying to zoom down on the map of the world.
Highly recommend the app, the site, and great idea moving the Budawang Project across."

So if you have not quite managed to make the move, or you have friends who have not done so, now would be a great time. The end of January and the end of March are the two cut off times for transferring your naturemapr records to iNat. This means that if you request copying of your records after January 31 then it will not be actioned until early April. We encourage you to join many other Budawang Coast members and make the switch now.

Cheers, Annie

Posted on 24 January, 2021 03:47 by annielane annielane


Thanks so much for the reminder Annie. I thought it might be too hard to transfer over but in fact it is so easy and efficient.

Posted by weeze63 over 3 years ago

Could you repeat the instructions please for transferring records over to iNaturalist? Also please give instructions on what to do when iNaturalist refuses to put new records into the Budawang Coast project? And what to do when iNaturalist refuses to allow me to join the Budawang Coast project? Frustrated beyond words.

Posted by marjorieap over 3 years ago

Hello Marjorie, you have been successful in joining the project! I can see your name in the list of members and you are on the project page now. To load new records you do not need to be in the project itself. The records will automatically fall within the project area if they come with GPS coordinates. Otherwise you may need to identify the location on a map. I'll also write to you via email.

Posted by annielane over 3 years ago

Hello Annie,
There seems to be a problem with marking my new iNaturalist observation locations on a map. None of those 20 observations marked on a map have made it into the Budawang Coast project. It seems as if the project doesn't recognize the map markers. (I don't have a GPS on my camera).

Posted by marjorieap over 3 years ago

Hi Annie,
Are we able to add our existing iNaturalist observations manually to this project? And if so, how, as I have been unable to add my Eastern Bristlebird photos. This project doesn't come up on the list of my projects in iNaturalist.


Posted by jadonald over 3 years ago

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