What to include (or not include) when adding observations solely of Tracks or Signs of animals.

When adding observations of tracks are signs of animals always include measurements of the tracks.

Once you've added a photo of the track (hind and front if possible) with a measurement is their anything else left you should add? Yes, measurements of the stride and the particular gait that the animal was using (a photo of multiple strides). Next, a description of the habitat and what you think the animal was doing is always helpful. Lastly, with tracks sometimes you need to resort to guesswork or perhaps a better way to put would be a description of what the animal was likely doing based on the evidence present (and a little bit of filling in the gaps). Anyone can do this, beginner or experienced. For example, if you saw some smaller bird tracks and they were spaced, but it didn't look like they were walking, they were probably hopping, then you look at the surroundings and you see the ground was picked apart with bill impressions you would come to the conclusion that a smaller bird came looking for food within the ground. Now, you might ask why is that important? Well, behavior is a major part in differentiating tracks as some species can have almost identical tracks, but completely different behaviors. One somewhat common bird that is important to include behavior for is a Tri-colored Heron. Their "jog" is a dead give-away.

I have added an observation with the most basic things you should include.

You can always add more!

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Squirrels (Family Sciuridae)




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