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The whoeatswhom-project has its own website,
It belongs to the project

@jellyturtle had a great idea: there are a lot of existing observation fields that mention predation etc. (see here: So to collect more observations for our project, it could be helpful for us to use those fields to find observations for our project that already exist on iNat. We can then ask users who submitted these observations if they would be willing to add their observation to Who Eats Whom.

Below is some example text you can use and personalize as you see fit. I'm going to start doing this and if anyone else wants to spend some time doing so as well it would be helpful!
Neat find! Please consider adding this feeding observation to the Who Eats Whom project ( If you're interested, you would need to upload a second observation of the [spider, etc.]. See the two observations below for an example of how to do this. Thanks for your consideration!

Observation 1:
Observation 2:

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