September EcoQuest Challenge


Native to the Northern Hemisphere, Oaks (Quercus) are iconic trees in forests and woodlands and symbols of resolute longevity. Ecologically important as food and shelter, Oaks support more than 900 species of Moths and Butterflies to rear their caterpillars, in turn feeding songbirds and other wildlife. There are 14 Oak species indigenous to New York City.

Posted by danielatha danielatha, September 04, 2021 04:49


This is a great quest. Perhaps we can start by naming the 14 oak species indigenous to NYC. This would be my list:
Q. alba
Q. bicolor
Q. montana
Q. muehlenbergii
Q. prinoides
Q. stellata
Q. palustris
Q. rubra
Q. velutina
Q. coccinea
Q. phellos
Q. marilandica
Q. ilicifolia

Which one am I missing? Q. macrocarpa? (but is it native?)

Posted by cameronr about 1 month ago (Flag)

Can we now have the new EcoQuest put up on the iNat Ecoflora page please?

Posted by susanhewitt 24 days ago (Flag)

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