Blacklighting at LLELA - Saturday, May 15th, 7 pm until late!

Hey all,

Lots of great observations for the CNC, and I know so many folks really went all out! Wonderful stuff. Instead of resting, why not get lots of more observations?!? :)

I know @pfau_tarleton has a gathering planned for the weekend of May 15th, but for those of us that aren't able to make it, we'll do an evening of black-lighting at LLELA. It'll be interesting to see some of the overlapping species that we document in both locations.

If you'd like to come, meet at the greenhouse at LLELA close to the Jones St. entrance at around 7 pm. Here is the exact map location:
33°03'43.7"N 96°59'20.3"W
33.062126, -96.988968'43.7%22N+96%C2%B059'20.3%22W/@33.0621305,-96.9911567,927m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m13!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x9d531440da7e0b1c!2sLLELA+Nature+Preserve!8m2!3d33.06209!4d-96.97958!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d33.062126!4d-96.9889677

I'll wear a mask when close to others -- especially at the sheets. So, if you wouldn't mind, please have a mask handy as you get close to others. We'll hopefully have quite a few stations, so there will be places to spread out.

In the past, we've had some really good mothing in this location, so fingers crossed for some reasonable weather!

I'm always leaving folks off of the tag list, so please, tag others!

Posted by sambiology sambiology, May 07, 2021 22:10


Thanks for the invite - sounds like fun ! Shannon and I will be there, Sam.

Posted by rehb 5 months ago (Flag)

@sambiology Thanks, Sam! I'll try to be there. :-)

Posted by kathrynwells333 5 months ago (Flag)

That's my birthday; I'll be out at Purtis Creek State Park with the family.

Posted by williampaulwhite17 5 months ago (Flag)

Ooo sounds fun!

Posted by katelyn3 5 months ago (Flag)

We will be there! Bringing @eivester @isaaceastland. Devin is at an internship at UC Berkeley;)

Posted by baxter-slye 5 months ago (Flag)

I'll see you there!

Posted by haleydaniels 5 months ago (Flag)

With Timberlake cancelled I'm planning to be at LLELA instead. Do you want me to bring a station?

Posted by annikaml 5 months ago (Flag)

Conditions should be pretty nice on Saturday night! We will have access to electricity at the greenhouse -- I'll bring my 6 blacklight stations with portable batteries. You're welcome to bring any stations or equipment, but no obligations! :)

Posted by sambiology 5 months ago (Flag)

What sort of blacklight station do you use? I'm going to be in Big Bend for a spell this summer and kind of want to try blacklighting around the rental property for scorpions and doing some nighttime bug looking

Posted by williampaulwhite17 5 months ago (Flag)

I have an Amazon list you can check out. Some of the items can be downgraded to less expensive parts. Thanks to WildCarrot for providing suggestions. At home, I just attach a sheet to my porch swing frame.
In the field, the sheet can be hung via rope, or the stand.

Posted by baxter-slye 5 months ago (Flag)

@damontighe has a magnificent set up that I've used a bunch:
Fits in the backpack for long hikes too!

Posted by sambiology 5 months ago (Flag)

I love the t-shirts!!

Posted by baxter-slye 5 months ago (Flag)

@williampaulwhite17 Check out BioQuip's website, too. They have excellent UV-lights.

Posted by annikaml 5 months ago (Flag)

Those bioquip products look neat but are a bit rich for my blood. Thanks though! I'll do a DIY with a black light and white shirt.

Posted by williampaulwhite17 5 months ago (Flag)

I’m adding @gwaithir plus two guests and @kaitlynn7.

Posted by baxter-slye 5 months ago (Flag)

Wonderfully fun with everyone this evening! Quite a few bugs showed up too! It'll be a while before we can all upload our stuff, but here's where it will be -- take a look:

Posted by sambiology 5 months ago (Flag)

It was fun as usual to meet familiar and new faces while looking for moths and other little bugs. Luckily it will be raining the next couple of days so I will have more time to go through my pictures. Thanks to Sam and LLELA for organizing this.

Posted by annikaml 5 months ago (Flag)

Just FYI -- a bioblitz at Timberlake in mid June:

Posted by sambiology 5 months ago (Flag)

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