Too many notifications? Dashboard filling up? Be sure to check your account settings!

Just an FYI...

If you get LOTS and lots of notifications on your observations or on observations you id, you can modify your account setting so that you don't get notified of ID agreements.

Just go to your profile page, click on "Edit account settings & profile" (located under your profile icon, if you've selected one). Then, scroll down a bit to "activity settings." There you can select or deselect these:

Notify me of mentions (e.g. @username)
Notify me about confirming identifications (Receive notifications about identifications that match your own. If you opt out of this you will only receive notifications about identifications of taxa that don't match the taxon in your own identification exactly.)

Just fyi! :)

Also, I can't emphasize enough just how important ID's are -- even agreeing ones. After talking to folks that get ID's on their observations, it's a big deal to them! Seriously -- even the 7 agreeing ID's of a northern cardinal, it's valuable to the observer -- that's positive feedback that encourages them to go back out and observe more. That's a good thing!

So, please continue to add in ID's where you can. It matters. :)

Posted on 07 November, 2017 21:10 by sambiology sambiology


Thanks Sam, it really helps to let people know these things or just to remind them of these things. And yes, people often get real pleasure from "agree"s, no matter how many are already in place. :)

Posted by susanhewitt over 6 years ago

And be sure to scroll on down to the save button!

Posted by cgritz over 6 years ago

My apologies to @sambiology , @susanhewitt, @cgritz and the multitude of folks I recently antagonized by ID'ing EVERY straggler daisy observation I could locate on iNat.

Again, I apologize for previously investigating Croton capitatus and C. lindheimeri observations and adding my ID to many that already had ample verification in an attempt to be able to grasp the difference in characteristics.

However, the more I delved into iNat observations and photos of Crotons, the more confused and frustrated I became. Sorry, @nathantaylor7583

I thought I had Croton IDs all down pat (Ha!) , but recent identifications now have me doubting my ability to ID anything!

I foolishly released my frustration with IDing straggler daisies, Calyptocarpus vialis. By gum... I was pretty sure of my ability to ID that species!

Anyway, I agree that multiple ID's can be superfluous and perhaps annoying. Those I receive are usually gratifications.... Either an EXPERT verified my observation .....YEA!!!
or ..... an amateur like me or a "newbie" iNaturalist was able to be a part of the iNat community and put in their 2¢ worth.

Onward and forward. ljc

Posted by connlindajo over 6 years ago

I think 97% of people actually enjoy getting another "agree". I know I do. :)

Posted by susanhewitt over 6 years ago

@connlindajo don't give up hope! You've got this. :) Even if you don't end up able to ID the Crotons all the time, there are at least many others you can ID and I certainly won't think any less of you for it. Also don't forget, many people have trouble with this family. I just got done annotating a bunch of specimens at OSU and it came out to about a 6-inch stack of specimens. Misidentifications happen. Live, learn, regroup, try again, and don't worry if you fail miserably. We all do. :)

@sambiology my recent Croton expedition has exploded the number of notifications I have gotten even with the technique you suggested equipped. They should start slowing down after the C. lindheimeri observations have time to switch over. Note to self, go slowly and don't give in to your obsessions unless you are fully prepared for a huge number beside the red notification icon for an extended period of time... Oh well!

Posted by nathantaylor over 6 years ago

And what susanhewitt said. :)

Posted by nathantaylor over 6 years ago

@sambiology: How do I handle this: I'm getting too many notifications regarding a journal post about receiving too many notifications... ;-)

p.s. One other little trick to thin out your notifications: IF you are confident on an ID for someone else's observation and don't feel like seeing other concurrences, you can opt out of further notifications by un-following that single observation: After adding an ID or agreeing with an ID, first refresh the page--I have to do this with my Safari browser--and then in the upper right "Follow" box, pull down the menu and deselect "This observation". (When you add an ID, iNat automatically sets your pref to follow that observation but it takes a page change or a refresh to see that option in effect.)

Posted by gcwarbler over 6 years ago

Excellent info everyone. Thanks!!

Posted by bosqueaaron over 6 years ago

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