Van Remsen

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Bird fanatic who wishes he had time to learn as much as he could about everything else. (P.S.: Bird photos, 30K+, are archived at Macaulay Lab through eBird, not iNat). About 80% of all my Observations come from my home in St. Gabriel, Louisiana., where I am curious to see how many non-avian, non-microscopic species of organisms I can document:

Nearly 25% of my Observations are backed by voucher specimens for six projects; all specimens are or will be deposited in research collections. I am willing to save arthropod specimens for researchers and research collections.

I am perpetually grateful for the help and patience of all the knowledgeable people on iNat who have spent time trying to help this novice learn something.

The inventors and developers of iNat should receive a Nobel-level prize for their contributions to increasing awareness and appreciation of biodiversity. The amount of work required to get verified photos of Earth's macroscopic biota into a data-base, then develop the AI and the functionality of iNaturalist seems incomprehensibly vast. Forever in awe ...

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