Tom Lloyd Evans

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Tom Lloyd Evans (1941* -2014†)

President of the Astronomical Society of South Africa 1991-2 and an honorary member in 2001, honorary member of the BAA from 1956 and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He had many other interests in South Africa : archaeology, hill-walking, botany, scuba diving to observe the exotic fauna of the tropical seas, and Scottish country dancing.

Tom graduated BSc in astronomy in 1963 from St Andrews, and studied the photometry of star clusters and variable stars for his PhD completed at the Radcliffe Observatory in Pretoria in 1968. He took a long-term research post at the South African Observatory at the Cape as instrument scientist, working with the spectrography of variable stars, carbon stars and planetary nebulae.
After retiring Tom was an active visual Variable Star observer who reported thousands of observations to both ‘The Astronomer’ Magazine and the AAVSO.

As Botanical Society of South Africa member, and member and convener of the A-team (the hike leaders group), during which period he organized many talks and courses to plant groups. Tom amassed thousands of slides of plants, which the Kirstenbosch Branch of the Botanical Society wish to digitize and share. Tom was an able mentor with a superb knowledge of bulbs and orchids and we wish to share his legacy with future generations.

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