Alexandra Destria

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I am typically a daily poster, BUT I will be on hiatus immediately following the City Nature Challenge until the 1st of July. There may be sporadic uploads of content predating 2021, but no new content will post during this timeframe. I will still be online almost daily.

My knowledge is still rather limited but I am attempting to document and study several species, especially pertaining to plants and insects, that I find mostly while out on the trails and preserves. I record Trailwalks and historical/cultural landscapes, though I currently do not have a place I upload this content to outside of iNaturalist.

I have been studying native plants, insects, and wildlife to the Midwestern United States since 2020, but only began taking it seriously in 2022. I just started learning about birds in late 2021, and I'm trying to incorporate a lot more entomology and bird sightings into my 2022-2023 posts.

In an effort to protect some of the wildlife/habitats I observe, as well as maintain an element of safety, I "schedule" my content in advance. With the exception of the Citywide Nature Challenge, observations for 2023 have been postponed until July at the earliest.

[My bio was last updated on 10 April 2023.]

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