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Hello Fellow iNaturalists! ~ The best part, of course, is walking around outdoors with eyes wide open. Change your focus and you will see that even in a densely populated urban area there are pockets of wilderness. Keeping in mind that NATURE was here from the beginning, long before modern man superimposed his concrete and steel on the landscape, dominating and altering any terrain he saw fit to use to his advantage. ~ In our towns and cities Nature has not been defeated. It simply retreated. It found nooks and crannies in which to regain, or to keep, a foothold, even if those are nothing more than an empty lot mid-block, or a stretch of hillside too costly to develop. So, next time you rush past one of those spots, thinking there is nothing there, stop and take a closer look: you'll be amazed at the variety of shrubs, flowers, birds, beetles, spiders, squirrels, voles, mushrooms and other living organisms that thrive there! They are our neighbors. --- I am neither a Park Ranger, nor an academic or scientist. I am just a passionate nature lover wanting to LEARN more about the manifold plants and critters that I encounter on my excursions through various landscapes, cityscapes and habitats, and also wanting to SHARE images and information about my findings. is the perfect platform to do both. Thank you to all who work diligently on developing, maintaining and improving this wonderful site. ~ I am excited to be [a tiny] part of this amazing network, generating a knowledge base and laying the groundwork for CONSERVATION. ~ Let the explorations & observations continue!

UPDATE [4-22-2019] : : You are cordially invited to visit and to join "San Francisco Flower-Power", a brand-new iNat project that showcases the amazing variety of (urban) WILDFLOWERS that thrive within the City and County of San Francisco, California. ~ Please check it out:


PS1: I am a bit of a punster ... So, if I - on the rare occasion - drop a witticism or a play-on-words into the Description box of my observation, then please, lighten-up and forgive me. ;)

PS2: What if you are just a 'regular citizen' with a passion for nature, or a young person just starting out in the field. You will discover that there are folks here who have degrees in Botany, Biology and related sciences and also have a list of credentials longer than a giraffe's tail: Do not be intimidated. These folks might post comments on your observations. Do not let that discourage you. We are all iNaturalists here. We perform a vital service towards the protection of the environment, that of DOCUMENTATION of biodiversity.
This is a COMMUNITY effort. It is inclusive, and it is*global*.


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