Sealcentre Pieterburen

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Sealcentre Pieterburen is one of the oldest rehabilitation and research centres in the world, specialized in rehabilitating Phocidae species in the Netherlands.

-- Pictures of observations will be added gradually-- (ASAP)

Volunteers and researchers from all over the world live and work on our campus and field station. Through our shared passion and the multidisciplinary approach, we form a learning community. We convey that passion to the general public and in this way we make them aware of our mission.

Each year we receive several hundred observations of alive and dead marine mammals (and other marine animals). This profile is created to give an overview of all the observations that have been done since the start (1971)

Pictures that are used are taken and shared by people that find the animals and by trained EHBZ members. Pictures with animals that are being handled are only handled by trained EHBZ members, we strongly advise not to handle/touch (marine) wildlife. Animals that are colour marked on pictures, these seals are in observation and mostly relocated because they are being harassed by beach visitors. The spray used to mark the seals is an environmentally friendly spray paint that do not harm the seals.

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