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"----about sageost-----
hello i am sageost (aka sage osterling)
I expect I am among the younger naturalists using the site. While others before college may spread their studies more around many subjects, I make nature my central subject of study, so I have learned a lot, for my age, about the plants, fungi, and animals I have studied! I've recently taken an interest in the Xylaria fungi.
----photograpy methods----
i use a iphone 8 camara for my observations, which has surprisingly good quality of photos for the model of phone.i then upload my photos on the app
----on Mycena (mushroom)observations----
in the spring i take a lot of observations of the genus Mycena, because i find the small mushrooms cool and kinda cute. i am no expert so i will only narrow the species down to the genus level.
----on Amazila (hummingbird) identifications----
I identify the genus of hummingbirds called Amazila. they are cool and are also called Emeralds!
----other identifications----
here are other species i ID:
-candyroot ( Polygala nana)
-yellow alder (Turnera ulmifolia)

  • Peruvian zinnia (Zinnia peruviana)
    -Arroyo Toad (Anaxyrus californicus)
    -Genus Turnera

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