Max Ramey

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I'm a freshman at App State and an avid birder, a big salamander guy, an amateur photographer, and I love all other aspects of the natural world! I currently live in Watauga county, in the mountains of North Carolina, and I really enjoy the unique birds here that normally range much further north, as well as the spectacular plants and our endemic salamanders. Besides birds, I am interested in almost everything alive but have an especially strong interest in carnivorous plants (especially Drosera, Utricularia ,and Sarracenia) orchids, pines, fish, insects (especially odes, tiger beetles, and fireflies) and herping (with a strong focus on salamanders). I also love searching for poorly understood species and species that haven't been recorded in a region or haven't been documented in a very long time. Please feel free to tag me on any observations, especially concerning any North American birds, eastern North American salamanders, carnivorous plants, southeastern Odonates, and anything observed in the NC mountains. Also let me know if you think I have made a mistake on any ID's, I'd be happy to take a look at it again and correct it!

Link to my eBird profile if you want to see most of my bird sightings:

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