Raphael De Cock

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My field of research especially yields the behaviour and ecology of fireflies. My previous research focused especially on colour pattern and glow warning signals in lampyrid larvae (aposematism), on the surveying, behaviour and sexual communication in diurnal fireflies (European Lesser Glow-worm/Lesser Black glow-worm - Phosphaenus hemipterus) and nocturnal fireflies (Lampyris spp., Nyctophila spp., Lamprohiza spp., Phausis reticulata) and survey methods for such glowing species.

My interest yields all possible fields of firefly biology ranging from taxonomy, phylogenetics, morphology, physiology, biogeography, phenology, conservation, monitoring & surveying, and the forementioned behaviour and ecology. I also closely follow the literature about other bioluminescent invertebrates and bioluminescence in general. Since recently also involved as volunteer assessor of IUCN red-list lampryid species.


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