Erin F

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm a practiced gardener and naturalist in Portland, Oregon with a strong affinity for pnw native plants and critters of all shapes and sizes. But I'm best at:

BIRDS -- I've been birding for decades as I've moved from Texas to East Coast to West Coast. In Portland, we live across from acres of forest and have identified 40+ species in our own garden, not to mention countless others in nature. I feel I really know our pnw birds!

BUMBLE BEES -- I've been leaning into our native bumble bees in Willamette Valley, trying to identify as many as I can in our large garden. There are some very subtle differences that can make these little guys tough to i.d. and it takes practice. But thanks to this community, I'm learning even more.

HERPS -- I've had an affinity for reptiles and amphibians since I was a kid and look for them everywhere I go. They have a special connection for me and I take great care to i.d. them and am learning more and more about our herps in the pnw.

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