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Hi! I am a PhD candidate at Miami University (in Ohio) currently investigating the taxonomy, evolutionary history, and biogeography of Nearctic peracarid crustaceans, with a focus on the Gammaridae, Hyalellidae, and Crangonyctidae. Particularly in the Chihuahuan Desert, Great Basin, and Floridan Aquifer.

Amphipods/Isopods are really cool organisms and I would be more than happy to ID any you might need IDed. With a good enough picture (showing the dorsal/lateral aspect, antennae, urosome, and gnathopods) most 'pods can be IDed to at least genus.

Also if you would like to send me any specimens that would be more than okay as well (many species can only be IDed under magnification and are likely to be undescribed), just send me a message!

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