Michał Brzeziński

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Hello, I'm Michał, I come from central Poland, I have been dealing with Lepidopterology for over a dozen years, I keep photo documentation, also having a scientific collection, each copy is not identified only from my photos, but from the specimen kept in my collection, where there are several thousand specimens of nocturnal butterflies and several thousand daytime butterflies, I approach the species determination very professionally, my area of ​​interest is mainly Noctuidae, but I am not limited to other families, also during the day where butterflies are also mainly fond of the Erebiina tribe.
I catch specimens for photos both during the day, where the specimens pose on their own, and at night, where they are attracted to various sources of light and light traps, specimens are not put to sleep in mass quantities, I take only one specimen of each species as evidence :)
Here at iNaturalist I have a few of my projects to which I invite you:
-Butterflies of Poland (Motyle Polski)
-Moths of Poland (Ćmy Polski)
-Noctuidae Poland (Sówki Polski)
-Lepidoptera of the Four Mesoregions of Central Poland
I invite you to see the photos, they are made in HD quality, so all the details are well shown, each photo of the specimen, mainly nocturnal butterflies, is made in my own technique to facilitate species identification and so that the photo is not taken under "artificial conditions".

If you are interested in my profile and want to learn more, please contact me :)

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