Skyler Principe

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Hi I'm Skyler (he/him). I live in southeast Michigan.

I started out using iNaturalist just as a hobbyist nature photographer, but now I am working towards a career in environmental science, partially thanks to iNaturalist and its community.

My main interests are Michigan plants and plant parasites. I'm pretty familiar with a lot of Michigan plant species but still have so much left to learn.

I enjoy identifying, and you'll most often see me trying to narrow down higher-level identifications or identifying unknowns. Sometimes, in order to do this, I will use CV as a guide and/or submit an ID I'm not 100% confident in, in hopes that it will become easier to find for someone else to either agree or correct me. If I'm corrected on one of these "guesses", I will withdraw my ID as soon as I see the notification. I check my notifications frequently, at least a few times a week. Please don't PM me if there is a relevant observation to @ me on.

Seek was my gateway drug to iNat and the world of taxonomy.

I am a part of the unofficial iNaturalist Discord server and it's been great learning from folks:


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