Benjamin Fabian

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I'm a biologist from Central Germany. I bought my first proper macro photography setup in 2016 and since then I'm photographing the tiny creatures that surround us. I practice this kind of photography mainly for enjoyment but also use it to improve my knowledge about species and their ecology.

My main interests are true bugs (Heteroptera) and jumping spiders (Salticidae).

I identify European jumping spiders (Salticidae) if I find some free time and motivation to dig through the thousands of observations that have accumulated. Feel free to tag me if you want me to look at one of your jumping spider observations.

In case you are interested in using one of my photos, get in touch with me by sending me a private message on iNat.

I use Sony a6000 cameras with a 90mm macro lens (+Raynonx DCR-250) and the 25mm ultra macro lens from Laowa.

Instagram: @bfmacro

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