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All-around amateur invertebrate enthusiast. Leader and founder of the Invertebrate Club of Southern California; check out our project here and help us identify more of the incredibly biodiversity we have here. Please direct inquires about the club to this account.

I am most well-read with regards to millipedes, but I am generally familiar with a broad range of invertebrates, especially those native to Southern California. I am red-green color deficient (i.e partially color blind), so if an identification I make seems odd because of color it's probably because I couldn't see/mixed-up red, green, brown, orange or purple when making the ID.

I am usually down to go out into the field in Southern California (and sometimes farther afield) to track down unusual and rare invertebrates, and am always happy to help in identification, documentation, and responsible captive-breeding efforts.
I am majorly concerned with the seemingly relentless advance of development for housing projects and other infrastructure in my home state of California, which has already led to the destruction of such species as Syncaris pasadenae, Aptostichus lucerne,, and A. killerdana, and continues to pose a direct threat to many more species, including my favorite yucca, the Joshua Tree. This is of course not to mention the doubtless numerous species that went extinct before being discovered. Habitat loss and degradation is something I see everyday in my home region of the High Desert, and I am more than happy to contribute to scientific documentation purposes so that nothing more is lost before it can be known.



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