Andrea Kreuzhage

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iNaturalist has put me on a fast and furious learning curve to see, hear, and know more about the organisms all around me, and to share what I observe. I've been on here for a year, four seasons coming full circle. Birds and insects have left and came back, trees have dropped their leaves and are now green again, flowering. We've gone through the devastating Woolsey Fire in my neighborhood, and there's new life in the charred areas too. I enjoy being out and about with open eyes and ears, but I also enjoy the time I spend researching and learning about my observations, and checking out what other iNatters found in the area. I'm a film maker, both feature and documentary, and if there's a story to share about my observations, I add a few notes and post a series of pictures.

One more thing, I frequently experience that once I truly "see," learn about and can name an organism, I see many more of its kind. It takes something like a visual pattern in my brain, connected with knowledge, to put awareness on steroids. Fascinating.

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