Anne C. Collins

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We live inland on the central coast of California, and I am new to birding (and iNaturalist) as of Summer 2020. It all started with a bird feeder and a lot of time at home during the pandemic. I quickly discovered that I loved watching and learning about our bird visitors and found it both interesting and relaxing.

I initially used the camera on a smartphone, and then began using an old DSLR and 18-200mm lens, which was fun but limiting. Not surprisingly, that led to the purchase of a newer camera body and 200-500mm lens (both secondhand). I am currently learning how to use my new gear, and that will likely take some time, but I'm excited to be on this journey! (When we travel, I revert to taking photos with my phone; so, that's why the quality is generally worse on my out-of-area photos.)

I occasionally will branch out beyond the world of birds in my observations, but birds are definitely my first love here at iNaturalist.

Thanks for reading my profile!

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