Santie Gouws

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stumbled across the miracle and beauty of fynbos through my love of hiking in Jonkershoek mountains. Every time I go there, I see something special, something new, that I have never seen before, in amongst old time favourites, newly clothed in the hue of the day.

and so the exploration and interest have expanded to Table Mountain, Limietberg, Nuweberg... Cederberg, Swartberg.. etc etc..

I contribute here in the hope to make a small contribution to the knowledge- and database used to protect and restore the miracle of fynbos

'dryfveer' is about the juxtaposition between the intense energy required to actively drive and strive towards achieving a goal; and the quiet beauty of just being and letting go, like a feather floating down a river

in my home language, Afrikaans, 'dryf' means float, and 'veer' means feather, whilst 'dryfveer' means that which motivates one to push towards a goal

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