Our property is situated in wet eucalypt forest, 1.4km from rainforest, so we see species from both habitats. A rocky gully runs the length of the sloped property and becomes a watercourse when it rains.
Exotic ornamentals, a number of environmental weeds, and a front yard lawn were already established when we bought the home. We added a small pond for native frogs in 2021 (not long after moving in ourselves) and we’re now working to gradually replace environmental weeds with native ground cover, shrubs, and trees.

Township: Mount Nebo, Queensland

Altitude: 550 metres

Land size: 1,257 m²

Climate: Subtropical

Locality: Moreton Bay. Regarded as part of 'Greater Brisbane'.

Features: turkey mound, rocky gully, frog pond, strong slope, dual road access, rich soil

Challenges: erosion, lantana, asparagus fern, goatweed, singapore daisy, cassia, and spotted-dog