October 29, 2020

JMN Projects - so far //How to follow//How to confirm identifications

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I've tagged all those who are part of the Good Water Chapter Texas Junior Master Naturalist Class for 2020-21 (and our allies) to provide an update and share where we are going in our next meeting.

Our Project:
OBSERVATIONS - 206, SPECIES - 130, PARTICIPANTS 15 (but really 12 if you take out the adults managing the project). and 90 IDENTIFIERS (We are going to learn to do this!)

We are currently at 34.4% Research Grade. WE NEED to look at our observations and see where we need to review our own observations and assist our classmates.

2020 Texas Pollinator Bioblitz:


  1. How to follow another member of iNaturalist
  2. How to ID for yourself (beyond the initial identification) and assist others

This information will also be added to the Google classroom.

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