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March 19, 2017

Northwest Community Park, Fort Worth

We met another naturalist at our usual home park, Arcadia, who told us he had recently visited Northwest Community Park and that it was a little wilder and had more wildlife. This is a fairly new park and still being developed but has handicapped accessible side walks for circling through the south side of the park for those that need that. There are dirt trails off from the main pathway in several places. The park is beside Big Fossil Creek which forms a small lake at this point. In a couple hour period we made quite a few observations The wild flowers are just beginning to come out. There is a lot more of the park that I hope to get back and explore. An old stone train bridge is at one end of the lake. There is also a fishing pier. It has very little parking which I understand is a problem on week ends but great during the week. The road into the park is not paved. I set this park up as a place on iNaturalist as best as I could so we could begin to record its life forms.

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