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January 01, 2016

A good end to 2015

My park buddy and fellow iNatter, Jeri @naturenut and I had some good bird watching today both at our usual Arcadia Trail Park and a nearby park Ninnie Baird. It was a day that felt more like winter in Fort Worth, over cast, breezy, and in the forties. Maybe the last cold front that brought floods to much of our area also brought in more of the migratory birds. It was fun to see the Fox Sparrow and Red-shoulder Hawk at Ninnie Baird along with so many others. However, there are still not the usual number of species of water birds there. I finally got to get a picture of a Brown Thrasher at Arcadia Trail Park. I have seen some of them in the undergrowth this winter but haven't been able to get a picture until today. As we head into 2016, I also want to express appreciation to Jeri for all she does and has done to promote the wild life and the conditions they need to thrive in Arcadia Trail Park. Jeri, almost single-handedly, has tried to keep the plastic and other litter from clogging up our creek and trails. She has put out feeders for our feathered visitors as well. I have set up Arcadia Trail Park System as a place on iNat. Unfortunately it does not list all the species that were seen before I created it as a place but it is beginning to add up again. However all are included I believe under the observations. Being out in nature was the perfect way to bring this year to an end. And being able to participate with other naturalists, both professional and amateur, here on is such a gift.

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