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09 October, 2015

How much I hate it that Fort Worth has been spraying Arcadia Trail Park for Mosquitoes who may be carrying West Nile Virus

We went to the north part of the park on October 5th and saw many signs warning of West Nile Virus and found out that the city planned to spray the area for three consecutive nights from 10 PM to 2 AM, the 5th, 6th, and 7th. Consequently we stayed away from that end of the park for the next few days. On the 5th, however, there were many Dragons, Damsels, butterflies and other insects in that part of the park. Apparently they drove trucks down close to the creek and sprayed. I did not think they were going to do the southern part of the park below Basswood Blvd but I think they sprayed within a half mile of every sign they had posted which took them into the southern part as well. Today we walked the southern part and there were dead or dying insects along the beginning part of the trail and saw no dragons or damsels or butterflies. Only saw one dragon and a couple damsels when we got to the extreme southern end of the park. I used to be so proud of Fort Worth when Dallas was doing this ridiculous spraying and Fort Worth did not. Now so much panic has been stirred up that Fort Worth has succumb to the pressure and is killing off the natural predators of the mosquitoes. I took pictures today of some of the dead insects. Maybe I will post them later, just makes me so angry and frustrated.

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