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17 June, 2024

Roosevelt Island Community Garden

Ed and I spent a few hours on Roosevelt island yesterday, almost entirely in the Community Garden, which is open on weekend days only, from April 15th to October 15th.

Not many butterflies -- lots of small whites, one Monarch, one Painted Lady. Also honey bees, eastern bumble bees and brown-belted bumblebees. I saw a few dragonflies but got no photos of them -- they were too fast.

There were Physa acuta in the little pond, and also quite a few tadpoles, although I don't know if the tadpoles were from frogs or toads. There are always interesting waterside plants around the pond.

Interesting weeds in the garden included Crowdippers, Chameleon plants, Common Cinquefoil, and numerous others.

As for birds, I only saw robins, northern mockingbirds, and sparrows.

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18 June, 2024

Birds in my highly urban Backyard in NYC, part 2

The first one of these reports was posted on 4th April, 2024.

We are now in mid to late June, and there are far fewer birds in my backyard.

I see occasional mourning doves and feral pigeons but basically no other birds. I am surprised because the white mulberry tree is currently heavily in fruit, and so I would expect to see a lot of robins and other fruit-loving birds.

I should ask my bird-loving iNat friends what they think is going on.

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