Goals for Identifying iNaturalist Observations

Identifying observations for iNaturalist has some overall goals, and this ID-athon has some others.

Overall goals:

  • improve iNaturalist data by providing data
  • giving observers names for their organisms
  • having fun (I think identifying is better than computer solitaire and just as addictive.)
  • learn about identification (especially when we're wrong)
  • improve the photos used by the computer that does ID's for Seek and iNaturalist

The May ID-athon that I'm participating in has additional goals:

  • reducing or eliminating the "unknowns" in several selected countries
  • learning more about the iNaturalist identification process


Posted by sedgequeen sedgequeen, May 21, 2021 18:31


I can add: Developing community networks in support of Ids of specific species.
Participating in regional projects such as the Suriname project headed by Gerry out of London.
Collecting a large set of recommended references that can be shared.
Oh and making weird art work from the cool findings. Just for fun. 😊

Posted by e16 6 months ago (Flag)

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