Bullfrogs in ponds around DFW -- know of some good locations?

Thor Larson and Joe Mruzek at UTA are doing a really cool study on bullfrog tadpoles and diatom diets especially in the urban area...

So, they are looking for some locations for bullfrog tadpoles within DFW! Do you know of any? Ideally, look for some of the tadpoles in the pond or at least some of the adult frogs in the margins of the pond. The bigger the population, the better the sampling! :)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Posted on 29 May, 2019 18:37 by sambiology sambiology


Sam Houston Trail park and head north on Campion Trail. There's a pond to the left as well as some marshy areas with bullfrogs in them. Some parts of the trail could be flooded, though, and the trail does close if the river's too high


Posted by daniel112 about 5 years ago

The swamp area leading into the Village Creek Drying Beds as well as the beds themselves.
Also, the creek running through the western half of River Legacy Park.

Posted by charley about 5 years ago

Thanks for posting Sam! I have high hopes and will let you and everyone else know if we get any cool results from the project!

Joe Mruzek

Posted by joseph250 about 5 years ago

The pond at Falcon Creek Park in Mckinney definitely has some. Also plenty at the LLELA.

Posted by rangertreaty50 about 5 years ago

I know of an abandoned pool in a public park that has tadpoles, but that's probably not the diverse population you are looking for. If I were looking in my area, I'd head to Ranches East where they have 4 separate ponds. I've heard the bullfrogs there, but haven't looked for them. It's a public park, but undeveloped, so access isn't an issue.

Posted by kimberlietx about 5 years ago

There are a ton at Elmer W. Oliver Nature park that is like the only place I have seen them recently. If you go out to the Fort Worth Nature Center you might see a few but Elmer W. Oliver is your best bet in my neck-o-the-woods. The second pond is the perfect place to look for them. You have to go into the park a ways but on most given days they are out there. You just have to watch the shallows you will see them sticking their heads out of the water. I have seen quite a big Tadpole last year at the ponds. Give that park a go if you are able to. There are plenty of them.

Posted by galactic_bug_man about 5 years ago

We spotted an adult Bullfrog at the edge of the pond at Thousand Oaks Park, in Lake Dallas, for the CNC a few weeks ago. Also at various locations at LLELA.

Posted by rehb about 5 years ago

Only place I've seen one is LLELA

Posted by tfandre about 5 years ago

There used to be some in Fort Worth, on Beach St just north of I-30. There is a pond on the east side of the road, up high on a bluff. It was once known as White Lake.

Posted by donyoung about 5 years ago

LLELA is loaded with them this year especially. We were just discussing the explosion in population. Look for them at the LLAERF ponds and bittern marsh.


Posted by mchlfx about 5 years ago

The Heard Museum in McKinney has Frog pond.
The waters at Erwin Park have frogs and tadpoles
There is a pond close to CUUC in Plano on E. Parker Rd. that has a natural pond with wildlife.

Posted by christina2019 about 5 years ago

A few weeks ago, bullfrogs were seen & heard for several days at Southwest Nature Preserve's "feature pond" (farthest south pond, the concrete trail that leads to its boardwalk. There are 3 other ponds there too.

Posted by postoak about 5 years ago

The Heard! :)

Posted by jillnugent about 5 years ago

Many many thanks all! As you go to these places, please keep us updated on if you see tadpoles, and about how many there are. I know with all the rain, many of these ponds are quite full... But yes, if you could, keep an eye open for tadpoles -- as you see them, let us know! :)

Posted by sambiology about 5 years ago

I hear them every night in the golf course pond behind my house. How's that for urban? I'll see if I can get permission to check it out at night and see how many tadpoles I can find. All the other places that I know are reliable for tadpoles are now flooded.

Posted by naturemom about 5 years ago

My kiddos have 3 bullfrog tadpoles that they have been studying for scout projects at home. They were ordered from Amazon. I don't know if they would help since they are not wild, but just thought I would throw that out in case.

Posted by shieldsscout about 5 years ago

Thank you for all of your suggestions. Joe and I will be compiling our map this week based on all of your suggestions and we will take a look and see. If anyone is interested in what data we will be collecting and some of the things we hope to observe from these data feel free to ask.

Thanks again all. Please keep posting locations as you see things. Every little bit helps as we are trying to go on a gradient; as deep in the city as we can to the more rural outskirts to get a nice sampling across these various land covers.

Posted by thorfrog about 5 years ago

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