Why I Don't Like this Website As Much

Don't let the title deceive you. I'm staying put on this site, and intend to help many more people ID their observations, and post more of my own.

However, I think that, like any good website, INaturalist has its flaws. One in particular stands out to me. The glaring problems with the AI, such as the suggestions bot that pops up to suggest what your observation might be; I once saw a fly IDed as a click beetle in the genus Agriotes (why was Agriotes the top suggestion???). The poster just took the top suggestion, and, worst of all, others AGREED. Which leads me to a problem that is rather out of control of the site itself, but if you are reading this, and you do a lot of this, you should stop. Faith-based voting. This is when someone suggests an ID, any you just go with it, not thinking to research it at all. I urge you to, if you see any IDs that look doubtful, or even right, research them.

Also, the consensus voting system: Good idea, but needs to be improved. Let's say if I ID something that I know is correct, i.e Red Milkweed Beetle, and someone insists on an ID that is wrong, i.e Red Femured Milkweed Borer, I should be able to just definitively ID it. Also, if I know that the ID I suggested is right, i.e Red Femured Milkweed Borer, and I know all of the field marks that distinguish the RFMB from other members of the genus Tetraopes, I should just be able to override the consensus system, seeing as I know exactly how to distinguish between the species.

Besides that issue, though, the site is pretty good.

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Posted by polistescarnifex polistescarnifex, September 09, 2021 00:03


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