Notes on Medicinal Plants

In an interesting academic research (paper) on medicinal plants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) [Note 1], there nearly 40% of the medicinal plant species were from families of:-

  • Asteraceae (9)
  • Fabaceae (9)
  • Poaceae (7) [grasses]
  • Solanaceae (6) [nightshades]
  • Capparaceae (6) [rosids > eurosids > malvids]
  • Euphorbiaceae (6) [rosids > eurosids > fabids]
  • Asclepiadaceae (5) and Brassicaceae (5) [cabbage]

“Maximum number of medicinal plant species were recorded from mountains and wadi habitat (44.7%) followed by alluvial and interdunal plain (29.5%), oases, farmlands and plantations (19.7%), inland sand sheets, dunes and mega dunes (18%) coastal and saline habitat (9.8%), urban habitat (8.3%), inland water habitat (3%). Species possessing medicinal properties were not recorded from sabkha and off shore islands.”

“The medicinal plants were categorized into various life forms [Note 2] such as chamaephyte (41%), therophyte (36%), phanerophyte (11%), hemicryptophytes (4%), geophytes (4%) and lianas (4%).”

Note 1: Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 6(7), pp. 1304-1322, 23 February, 2012 -- Medicinal plants diversity and their conservation status in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Note 2: Illustration of plant life form:

Therophytes are annual plants that survive harsh condition, and complete their life cycle in one or less than a year when conditions are favourable.

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